First Place: Judith Berzof, Allison Stines, Laura Hagan, Andrew Robinson, Kevin Eigelbach,
John R. Karman III, Ed Green & David Mann

Business First of Louisville
“Fast 50”, “CFO”, “Business of the Year”

Extremely strong entries. Clear writing, story organization and in-depth interviewing make each story about a CFO or business a must-read.


First Place: Dr. Matthew Bessen Sophisticated Living
“Timeless” “Exquisite Temptation” “Mission Metamorphosis”

Dr. Besson's punchy prose and detailed descriptions take a simple restaurant visit and turn it into a raconteur's amusement park ride. Each well-wrought paragraph gets us salivating in anticipation for the next exploration of this dining experience.

Second Place: Kane Webb Louisville Magazine
“The Heretic” “Vinyl Gets Its Groove Back” “Being Sandy Gulick”
Third Place: Joe Manning The Paper
“Restorative Justice”


Judges felt the entries did not fit the category criteria.


First Place: Josh Moss and Steve Bowman Louisville Magazine 

“The Passion of the Pitino”
Hilarious and well-drawn.


First Place: Jack Welch Louisville Magazine

“Just Sayin'” Columns : “Ready for Kindergarten” “The David at 21c”
“Monitoring Student Athlete Facebook and Twitter posts”

Jack Welch packs a lot of humor into a small space. His writing offers a slice of life and a laugh while actually providing valuable information.

Second Place: Bridget Williams Sophisticated Living
“From the Editor-in-Chief”, “Imperial Adventure”, “Becoming Mom”

Third Place: Scott Harper Sophisticated Living
“Aged Wines” “Franciacorta and Ca del Bosco”


First Place: Josh Moss Louisville Magazine

“Jockey Schooled”
A great use of the first-person. Story sets an outstanding atmosphere of life behind the 
glory of the track.


First Place: Chris Witzke Louisville Magazine

“The Portrait”

This entry stood out for the range of memorable images, each arresting and engaging in its own way.

Second Place: Casey Chalmers The Paper

“Meet Your Maker; Matt Weir”

Third Place: Mickey Winters Louisville Magazine
“MMJ Tells All”, “Death in the Family”, “Life in Paradise”


First Place: Sarah Lyon Louisville Magazine

“Underground Louisville”

A gorgeous and sinister photo essay on Underground Louisville, beautifully displayed in black and white. A solid, tight edit that draws the viewer into every haunted nook and cranny. A glimpse into a place where few venture.

Second Place: Ted Tarquinio Louisville Magazine
“Whiskey Row Resurrection” “Nine Local Landmarks”

Third Place: Andrew Kung Sophisticated Living
“RSVP: Celebrate the Season” “Family Ties”


First Place: Louisville Magazine Staff Louisville Magazine
“Beer is the New Bourbon” “The Music edition” “The Real Estate edition”

“The beer package is fabulous. I suppose it's near heresy to declare that beer is the new bourbon in Kentucky, but that was just the first thing that drew me in. The writing was funny and engaging and packed with information. I learned several things I didn't know

about beer. This package was exhaustively reported; it's clear the writer has a passion for beer.

Second Place: James Nold Kentucky Living

“Focus on Childrens' Health”

Third Place: Mary Welp Louisville Magazine
“Loaded for Buerre”


First Place: Allison Stines, Laura Hagan Business First of Louisville

“Diversity Works” “Business Women First”
Excellent package filled with inspiring stories about women and minorities. Strong 
writing, concise breakouts and easy-to-read bios.

Second Place: Jessica Smith Today's Woman
“Build Your Personal Brand”


First Place: Jenni Laidman Louisville Magazine
“The Story That Almost Didn't Break:The Merger Between Catholic Health Initiatives
and University Hospital”

Solid investigative reporting on an unusual situation. Story shows exhaustive effort to get the entire story.

Second Place: Ed Green, Allison Stines, Laura Hagan Judith Berzof Business First of Louisville

“Partners in Health Care” “Healthiest Employees”

Third Place: Yelena Sapin Today's Transitions
“Sharpen Your Senses”


First Place: Jack Welch Louisville Magazine
“The Story That Almost Didn't Break” “Deep-Sixing 732”
“Making It With The Chicks”

Headlines are engaging to the reader and reflect the nature of the story. The hed, "Making it with the Chicks" is outstanding.

Second Place: Bridget Williams Sophisticated Living

“Farm Fresh”, “Middle-Aged Marvel”, “See Worthy”


First Place: Silvia Cabib Today's Woman

“Little Red Riding Hood”

This work is an irresistible graphical treatment of the danger of heart disease among women. It presented important, relevant information in an interesting, cheerful way that draws the reader to follow from page to page.

Second Place: Bart Galloway Louisville Magazine

“138 Reasons Why We Love Derby”
Third Place: Robby Davis Louisville Magazine


First Place: Matt Dobson The Paper

“Final Frame: Film-based Projectionists in the Digital Landscape”

Pages augment a unique story. Photos and typography are simple, but highly effective.

Second Place: Brooke Timmons Business First of Louisville 

“40 After 40” “At Home” “Business Women First”

Third Place: Jason Yann Sophisticated Living
“Hotel Confidential” “Summer Soiree” “See Worthy”


First Place: April Allman, Melissa Donald, Anita Oldham, Kathy Bolger 

Today's Family
Covers offer great use of photography and positioning of type and art. The 
December/January cover really tells the story in a delightful way.

Second Place: Suki Anderson Louisville Magazine

August and December covers

Third Place: Pamela Brooks Laura Snyder Nfocus Magazine
February, May and November covers

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