2008 Metro Journalism Awards


Best News Story

3rd Place: Roger Alford, The Associated Press

Dangerous Dam

2nd Place: Jeffrey McMurray, The Associated Press

Police Chief Killed

1st Place: Brett Barrouquere, The Associated Press

Bardstown House Fire

Judges said: Although a routine story, the circumstance is tragic. This story uses strong quotes and good transtions to help readers feel the tragedy.

Continuing Coverage 

Honorable Mention: Cary Stemle & Rick Redding, LEO Weekly

Library Tax Coverage

3rd Place: Jeffrey McMurray, The Associated Press

Comair Crash Coverage

2nd Place: Jennifer Oladipo, Louisville Eccentric Observer

Environmental beat: water coverage

1st Place: Joe Biesk, The Associated Press

Governor’s Race Coverage

Judges said: Three comprehensive stories showed that the reporter took the time to do shoe-leather work. Full background was included in each story, and the pieces followed the race and the results of the election, indicating following the issue through from start to finish with an eye on all the details.

Enterprise Reporting

Honorable Mention Cary Stemle, LEO Weekly

All you need is Love: Abbey Road Protester

3rd Place: Brett Barrouquere, The Associated Press

Lethal Injection

2nd Place: Katya Cengel, Louisville Courier-Journal

Cleansing Stream; Time of Confusion; Five of a kind makes a full house

1st Place: Laura Ungar, Louisville Courier-Journal

Cervical Cancer—India’s Scourge

Judges said: Excellent, in-depth  package exposed international problem with local implications. Make you aware of the situation, empathize with the victims and cheer on the researchers. This is journalism that transcends platform.

Business Reporting

3rd Place Ed Green, Business First

Deutsche, Making Hay, Regulations

2nd Place: Bruce Schreiner, The Associated Press

Whiskey Barrels, Fathers & Sons, Houchens

1st Place: Brent Adams, Business First

GE, Dam Lucky, Driving Force

Judges said: Good to see beat reporting done well. Nuts and bolts approach, a bit too feature-oriented, but still lets community know what’s going on and important employers. Well packaged and planned.

Health Care Reporting

3rd Place: Ed Green, Business First

“Commitment to Cancer care,”  “Breaking down a barrier,” and “Cutting the fat”

2nd Place: Darla Carter, Louisville Courier-Journal

“The Overlooked Thyroid,” “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” and “Check Mate”

1st Place: Laura Ungar, Louisville Courier-Journal

For a series of stories following a Louisville woman through cancer treatment

Judges said: This is an exceptional entry. Ungar knows  a story when she sees one and, best of all, tells it well. Good reporting yields good anecdotes which are expertly written together.

Minority and Women’s Affairs Reporting

3rd Place: John R. Karman III, Business First

“She’s Game” and “Belle of the Boat”

2nd Place: Lucinda Marshall, LEO Weekly


1st Place: Scott Wade, LEO Weekly

Stolen Moments

Judges said: This teetered on the edge of being overwritten. Still, it told a good story about a group of otherwise invisible people. A good read.

Service Reporting

1st Place: Lisa  Hornung, Velocity

“Chill Out,” “Put it Away,” and “Making the Grade”

Judges said:  “Helpful consumer reporting, especially ‘Making the Grade’s look at Health Department restaurant ratings.”

Feature Writing

Honorable Mention: Joanna Richards, Velocity Weekly

3rd Place: Stephen George, LEO Weekly

“The Speed of Slow,” “Mr. Yarmuth Goes to Washington” and “Share the Road”

2nd Place: Terry Boyd, Business First

“Under its influence,” “So, you want to fall in love?” and “Unreality of his reality”

1st Place:     Katya Cengel, Louisville Courier-Journal

“A New Life,” “Where is Levi?” and  “Ministry”

Judges said: An observant reporter who knows how to pick the right subjects. These stories are good reads because Cengel uses her eye to guide her pen. Tight, interesting and enlightening. The story on the couple with Downs Syndrome was outstanding.

Editorial Cartoon

1st Place: Brian Orms, LEO Weekly

Liberal Dose

Judges said: “Although wordy and a little crowded, ‘Liberal Dose’ has a distinct Mad Magazine feel to it. Well drawn with a sharp point of view, the ‘toon delivers every time.”

Column Writing

2nd Place: Sarah Havens, LEO Weekly

From the column, “Bar Belle”: “Lick-slam-dunk,”  “Holidays can be” and  “My christmas list”

1st Place: Jim Welp, LEO Weekly

“Baby Need a New Governor,” “Becoming an American?” and “Bonds 101”

Judges said: A touch of cynicism, an inquisitve nature, a feel for the place and a nice turn of phrase (or six) makes this a clear winner. Welp aced every one of these and left me wanting more.

Sports Writing

3rd Place: Bill Doolittle, LEO Weekly

“Meet the new boss,” “Drawing Straws” and “Who says it’s a house”

2nd Place: Will Grave, The Associated Press

“Gray Grit,” “Orange Bowl” and “Gillipse Hired

1st Place: Ross Nethery, Business First

Cards’ Can Do Man

Judges said: “This is a first class personality profile about one of the city’s leading figures. Free of cliches but full of sports action and figures. This story gets to the heart of the matter and leaves readers smarter then when they started.”

Feature Photo

2nd Place: John Rott, Velocity Weekly

What I’m Into Portraits

1st Place: Ron Bath, Business First

“Aim to have fun,” “The sky’s the limit” and “Backstage pass”

Judges said: Technically stout, well-composed and imaginatively framed. These photos are a pleasure to view. Great play on nice stock, these pop like a dart in mid-air.


3rd Place: T.E. Lyons, LEO Weekly

Arcade Fire; Detroit Cobra; Steve Earle

2nd Place: Alan Abbott, LEO Weekly

Sweet Land; 28 weeks later; No end in sight

1st Place: Sherry Deatrick, LEO Weekly

Humana; Batch; Don Juan

Judges said: All three reviews stood above all others in this category. A good mix of plot and criticism topped by excellent observations. I felt like I was sitting next to Deatrick during the performances. Well done!

Headline Writing

2nd Place: Sarah Havens, Louisville Eccentric Observer

“Skater dye: ‘Decked Out’ exhibit features more than 100 decorated boards”

Judges said: Enjoyed the conversational nature of the 2nd sample. “Skater dye” works well for the intended audience.

1st Place:  Thomas Nord, Velocity

“Dance, Dance, Evolution: How do you grow as artists while keeping your hard-core fans happy? That’s the question for VHS or Beta as it struggles to be more than a dance-punk fad.”

Judges said: This entry was a clear standout. The headline incorporates a play on words that actually works, and works for the audience as well as those who would listen to this band. Rather than go for kitsch and puns, the headline writer sought to get the meat of the story across after grabbing the reader, using varied language and conversational tone.

Graphic Illustration 

Honorable Mention Gina Gentile-Moeller, LEO Weekly

“Share the Road” and “Through the Mess Darkly”

3rd Place: Britany Baker, LEO Weekly

“What me worry,” “Election Issue,” “Don’t Tread on Me”

2nd Place: Joe Welsh, LEO Weekly

“Not Good for Nothing”

1st Place: Kathleen Lolley, Velocity Weekly

“Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved”

Judges said: While not exactly “Gonzo,” this illustration works with the theme and the story. Original, interesting and very well done.

Page Design

Honorable Mention: Ben Schneider, LEO Weekly

3rd Place: Britany Baker, LEO Weekly

2nd Place: Tracy Oksendahl, Velocity Weekly

1st Place: Brian Gray, Velocity Weekly

Cover Packages

Judges said: Wonderful ability to create a theme and carry it through. That’s especially tough in tab format, but Gray mixes color, type and photos expertly to create a unique and pleasing look.



News Story

2nd Place: Rachael Tolliver, The Turret

“Iraqi Army chief”

1st Place: Glenn Rutherford, The Record

“Louisville’s new Archibishop is announced”

Judges said: Good quotes. Nice study of Archbishop’s writings.

Continuing Coverage

2nd Place: Tom Dekle, Brian Walker and Lisa Tolliver, The Kentucky Standard

“Deadly House Fire”

1st Place: Stephen Thomas, Mallory Bilger and Thomas Barr, The Pioneer News

“Brooks, Kentucky train derailment”

Judges said: Thorough and dimensional reporting on an event that impacted many residents – as well as the environment.

Enterprise Reporting

2nd Place: Marnie McAllister, The Record

“Vocation Series”

1st Place: John Foster, Oldham Era

“Getting Out”

Judges said: Extensive interviews with subject, family members and law enforcement. Continued observation and follow-up throughout subject’s time both behind bars and on parole. Skillful storytelling brings research together.

Business Reporting

2nd Place: Lorrie Kinkade, The Trimble Banner

“Cornish cattle” and “Edens Auto”

1st Place: Jay Cason, The Anderson News

“From Stringtown to the world,” “Hoofing it to Lawrenceburg” and “Break out your bobby sox,”

Judges said: We especially liked “From Stringtown to the world,” the tale of a unique entrepreneur who markets to the world. Good focus on business now depending on technology.

Health Care Reporting

2nd Place: Ashley Medley, The Voice-Tribune

“All in the Gene”

1st Place: Ruth Schenk, The Southeast Outlook

“Freddie’s Fight”

Judges said: “Schenks’ story about Freddie Bevins’ fight to live is a compelling argument for making blood cord transplants available to all.”

Minority/Women’s Affairs Reporting

2nd Place: Jay Cason, The Anderson News

“History and Passion and Celebrating Through Worship,” “Local diversity a work in progress” and “Chataqua brings local legend Clarke to Life”

1st Place: Marnie McAllister, The Record

“Mission in Pakistan” and “Iraqi Refugees”

Judges said: “Well-written story on Pakistani nuns who are doing God’s work as part of the Sisters of Loretta.”

Service Reporting

1st Place: Jacob Glassner, The Voice Tribune

“School of Rocks”

Judges said: “A gem of a consumer guide for buying a diamond.”

Feature Writing

3rd Place: Ruth Schenk, The Southeast Outlook

“Forgiving a Shooter”

2nd Place: Stephanie Hornback, The Kentucky Standard

“Aging Kelpie teaches young Collie a thing or two about sheep”

1st Place: Rachael Tolliver, The Turrett

“Teen’s quest for vets stories draws international interest”

Judges said: Refreshing spin on military history coverage. Good introduction to delayed lead. Public service giving historian’s contact info to readers.

Editorial Writing

Honorable Mention: Julie Satterly, The Oldham Era

“No H20?”

3rd Place: Jacquelyn Stoess Hack, The Oldham Era

“Cooperation is this season’s must have”

2nd Place: Laura Cullen Gusscock, The Kentucky Gazette

“In Defense of Rural Kentucky”

1st Place: Ron Filkins, The Kentucky Standard

“Court Decision Provokes Thought”

Judges said: The Supreme Court editorial was strong enough alone to carry the entry to the top. Well written, well argued.

Column Writing

3rd Place: Lindon Dodd, The Evening News

“Holding up his end,” “Secret’s out on secret pals,” and “No tears for cheerleaders”

2nd Place: Ron Filkins, The Kentucky Standard

“Two stalwart Publishers left strong legacy,” “Local city/county has the idea behind government” and “Race relations were top on Stephen Foster’s List”

1st Place: Lydelle Abbott, The Kentucky Standard

“Fantastical living leaves mark on reader’s heart,” “Saving the world: Not an impossible mission” and “Strikes, protests, moral integrity vs self-preservation”

Judges said: The writer effectively weds the personal perspective with larger, topical issues.

Sports Writing

3rd Place: Mickey Patterson, Oldham Era

“Theiss records his 20th”

2nd Place: Ruth Schenk, The Southeast Outlook

“Never Give Up”

1st Place: John Herndon, Anderson News

“Best of the Bearcats”

Judges said: The writer offers a seemingly effortless conversational style in this profile. His community knowledge stands out.

News Photography

Honorable Mention: Jenn Duncan, The Southeast Outlook

“Extreme Makeover”

3rd Place: Jacquelyn Stoess Hack, The Oldham Era

“Truck Rolls Into Peewee”

2nd Place: Kevin McGloshen, The (New Albany) Tribune


1st Place: Jacquelyn Stoess Hack, The Oldham Era

“Fire Damages Greenhouse”

Judges said: These are dramatic photos. Technically proficient, silhouettes work. Pictures tell the story.

Feature Photography

Honorable Mention: Jacquelyn Stoess Hack, The Oldham Era

“Show Me Your Poker Face”

3rd Place: John Foster, The Oldham Era

“Who We Are”

2nd Place: Kevin McGloshen, The (New Albany) Tribune


1st Place: Jenn Duncan, The Southeast Outlook

“The Face of Africa”

Judges said: A beautiful portrait. This photographer captures the moment with great skill. Well framed, sharp and lit perfectly to reflect the mood. This is a haunting photo that would be stunning in any publication.

Sports Photography

3rd Place: John Foster, 

“Sweet but Short”

2nd Place: Kevin McGLoshen, The (New Albany) Tribune


1st Place: Peter W. Zubaty, The Kentucky Standard

“Just Out of Reach,” “ Buck Wild” and “Stanley Strong”

Judges said: Strong sports action shots that are well composed and sharp. Faces are clear and expressions are telling. Nice work.

Headline Writing

1st Place: Jacob Glassner, The Voice Tribune

“Cross Roads: Planted around town, roadside memorials are rooted in grief,” “Writes of passage,” and “Tenured track psychology”

Judges said: This headline immediately caught my interest. It is short and concise. Paired with a photo of a cross on the side of the highway, the reader already has an idea what they are in for.

Graphic Illustration 

3rd Place: John Foster, The Oldham Era

“Who Are We?”

2nd Palce:  Steve Haycraft, The Southeast Outlook

“70 Years of Marriage”

1st Place: Julie Satterly, The Oldham Era

“55,286 and Growing”

Judges said: A very clean look. Simple and easy to read. This looks top shelf. It works well in concept, typography and layout. Very nice work. 

Page Design

3rd Place: Lydell Abbott, Kentucky Standard

“Final Descent,” “Fire and Ash” and “Finding History”

2nd Place:  Julie Satterly, The Oldham Era

1st Place: Jacquelyn Stoess Hack, The Oldham Era

Judges said: Sharp design. Good layouts marked by storng and creative typography. Colors are complementary. Even though pages are very busy, they are easy to digest and a joy to see. These people [at the Oldham Era] know what they are doing.



Business Reporting

3rd Place: Tamera Huber, Louisville Magazine

“Management in Motion,” “Letter of the Law” and “Partners in Progress”

2nd Place: Joe Ward, Louisville Magazine

“Updater of the Downs”

1st Place: Josh Moss, Louisville Magazine

“Grande Master”

Judges said: Turns a potentially sleppy topic into an engaging insider take on what drives the subject of the profile.

Feature Writing

3rd Place: Thomson Smillie, Louisville Magazine

“Is There Life After 30?” and “ Sage of the Sax”

2nd Place: Coleman Larkin, Kentucky Monthly

“Something Tall and Bright: The life and work of Al Smith, Kentucky’s most engaging newsman”

1st Place: Josh Moss, Louisville Magazine

“A Night & Day Education and  Stride for Stride with Big Red”

Judges said: “Delicately Written and Deftly reported with a keen eye for detail.”

Editorial Writing

1st Place: Bruce Allar, Louisville Magazine

“A Vote for Hope,” “One Bridge at a Time” and “A green turning”

Judges said: A City magazine that doesn’t shy from big thoughts and a robust argument.


1st Place: Marie Davis, Today’s Woman

Marie’s Creative Cartoons

Judges said: Fun and personal–with an informative angle

Column Writing

3rd Place: Connie Meyer, Kentucky Monthly

Connie’s Journey

2nd Place: Stephen M. Vest, Kentucky Monthly

Mamaw Memories, Trifecta of Foolishness and Political Pity Party

1st Place: Bruce Allar, Louisville Magazine

Sunset Clauses, Greek to Me and Ice Ages

Judges said: Smart, relevant–with some clever turns of phrase.

Sports Writing

2nd Place: Josh Moss, Louisville Magazine

Angel in the Front Court and The Next Golden Boy

1st Place: Claire Novak, Louisville Magazine

The Ecstasy and Agony of Edgar Prado

Judges said: A well-told tale–emotional, engaging, informative.

Feature Photo

Honorable Mention: Eric Williams, Sophisticated Living

Devil’s Elbow, Rejuvination and Pebble Beach/Ritz Carlton

3rd Place: Tim Conaway, Kentucky Homes & Garden


2nd Place: John Nation, Louisville Magazine

A Farm for all Seasons

1st Place: Josh Merideth, Sophisticated Living

Basa; A Weekend in the Country and Rhythm and Hues

Judges said: Good Variety of photogrpahy–nice lighting, good styling.

Photo Package

2nd Place: Tim Conaway, Kentucky Homes  & Garden

Hearths for the Holidays; Distinctive Doors, Enticing Entryways and Stairs that make you Stare

1st Place: John Nation, Louisville Magazine

The Circuit

Judges said: Personal, instant sense of personality, interestign composition.

Service Reporting

3rd Place: Mary Welp, Louisville Magazine

Choosing Sides

2nd Place: Tamera Huber, Business First

Measuring Up

1st Place: Melanie Wolkoff Wachsman & Teena Hammond Gomez, Louisville Magazine

Supreme Salon and Spas

Judges said: Engaging and thorough, this package was eidted and written in a just-between-friends manner that made this entry stand well above the rest.


2nd Place: Melanie Wolkoff  Wachsman, Louisville Magazine

Varanese Verve; Courtly Dining; Limestone

1st Place: Stephen Hacker, Louisville Magazine

State of the Plates, More Than Genuine, Off the Level

Judges said: “Unafraid to use first person as the sophisticated lense of his well-informed impressions of the dining scene.”

Minority/Women’s Affairs Reporting

2nd Place: Judith Berzof & Business First Correspondents, Business First

Business Women First

1st Place: Judith Berzof & Business First Correspondents, Business First

Diversity Works

Judges said: Useful and thorough in touching on many issues of diversity.

Health Care Reporting

Honorable Mention: Robyn Davis Sekula, Business First

The Fight Against Parkinsons

3rd Place: Tamera Huber, Business First

Tracking Down Solutions

2nd Place: Barbara Myerson Katz, Louisville Magazine

Not-so-good Old Days

1st Place: Joe Atkinson, Louisville Magazine

Choosen Hand

Judges said: Good storytelling and other writerly flourishes pushed this piece to the head of the pack. And even though the story had a measure of style , it didn’t skimp on the subject.

Criminal Justice Reporting

1st Place: Cameron  Lawrence, Louisville Magazine

Drunk Driver Driven

Judges said: Timely. Well-reported. Good on-the-scene narrative adds depth and a compelling human element to all the sobering statistics and makes this piece a smooth read.

Education Reporting

2nd Place: Robyn Davis Sekula, Business First

Intern at Work

1st Place: Bruce Allar, Louisville Magazine

Spreading the Words

Judges said: This article takes on a newsworthy topic–a Jefferson County literary initiative–and addresses it through well-researched statistics and interviews with the experts. The writer added a nice human component by sitting in on several tutoring sessions, showing how the program impacts the students and volunteer teachers.

Graphic Illustration in Support of a Story

Honorable Mention: Silvia Cabib, Today’s Woman

Silvia’s Art

3rd Place: Lisa Rivard, Louisville Magazine

48-hour Derby

2nd Place: Cat Scott, Louisville Magazine

Dividing to Conquer

1st Place: Ed Steckley, Kentucky Monthly

Out-of-State Colleges

Judges said: Localized. Like the concept and immediately conveys the subject.

Page Design

Honorable Mention: Judith Berzof, Business First

Upscale Abodes, Mansion Refuge, Coloring your world

3rd Place: Kirsten Silven, Kentucky Homes & Garden

Elegant Lady

2nd Place: Brooke Trevitt, Louisville Magazine

A Span for its time & When Punk Rocked Louisville

1st Place: John Warth, Sophisticated Living

Gelato Gilberto, Contents, and Spyker Cars

Judges said: Clean Design–Great Photos add to the layout. Well thought out.

Cover Design

2nd Place: Brooke Trevitt, Louisville Magazine

1st Place: Eric Williams and John Wurth, Sophisticated Living

3 Covers from 2007

Judges said: Like the simplicity–what a luxury to not have to clutter a great photo with text.



Investigative Reporting

1st Place: Andy Alcock, WLKY

Louisville Projects

Spot News Reporting

2nd Place: Andy Alcocok and Sarah Gentry, WLKY 

Clark County Tornado

1st Place: Bennett Haeberle, WDRB

Floyd County Deputies Shot

Judges said: A calm, clear presentation of a hectic scene. Good video. Haberle did a nice job of including new and developing information in the tag.

General News

3rd Place Andy Alcock, WLKY

Cemetary Complaints

2nd Place: Sarah Grote, Matt English and Julie Tam, WDRB


1st Place: Kate Cornell and Doug Pruschke, WLKY

Work Release Hit and Run

Feature Reporting

3rd Place: Andy Alcock, WLKY 

106th Birthday

2nd Place: Eric Edwards and Candyce Clift, WDRB

Beads for Brother

1st Place: Matt English and Barry Bernson, WDRB

South Boston Oprey

Judges said: Great story with great visuals. This story had several nice moments and left the judges apping their toes along with the music.

Business Reporting

3rd Place: Steve Burgin and Greg Burress, WLKY

Wolf Creek Dam

2nd Place: Valerie Chinn and Dominik Fuhrmann, WDRB 

Bee Keeper

1st Place: Andy Alcock, WLKY


Judges said: A well-scripted story that showed a side of foreclosures viewers do not usually see. Good use of what oculd have been poor visuls to make a creative stand-up showed how big the problem is.

Health Care Reporting

2nd Place: Andy Alcock, WLKY

Trans Fat Ban

1st Place: Bennett Haeberle and Sarah Grote, WDRB 

Oakwood: Systemic Troubles?

Judges said: A compelling story to demonstrate the problems of abuse and neglect at one facility.

Minority/Women Affairs Reporting

1st Place:  Andy Alcock, WLKY

SCOTUS Desegregation Ruling

Judges said: Andy Alcock clearly explained a very complicated and emotionally charged issue. He also gave viewers enough history to more fully understand the courts decision and what it means for local schools. Well-writrren story.

Sports Reporting

1st Place: Andy Alcock, WLKY

Cards NCAA Baseball

Judges said: A well-told story with very memorable characters. Several unexpected moments of humor.

General News Photography

1st Place: Dominik Fuhrmann, WDRB

Soldier’s Funeral

Judges said: Dominik Fuhrmann captured the emotions of the people at this funeral in a respectful way that conveyed the grief to viewers.

Feature Photography

2nd Place: David White, WDRB

GI Joe Medic

1st Place: Dominik Fuhrmann, WDRB

Composite of three

No judge’s comments

Sports Photography

2nd Place: Dominik Fuhrmann, WDRB 

Composite of 3

1st Place:     Matt English, WDRB 


Judges said: An exceleent piece. Good sound, creative shots and sharp editing made this report. It moved quickly and was very enjoyable.


Best Website

2nd Place:  WFPL Staff, WFPL for www.wfpl.prg

1st Place: Dave Daley, Tom Nord, Tracy Oksendahl, Jason Graff, Javacia Harris, Joanna Richards, Joe Lord, Brian Gray, Lisa Hornung, John Rott, Josh Thomas, Velocity for www.velocityweekly.com

Judges said: Love this site. Loads fast, it’s easy to move around in it and I can find things without a lot of effort. Nice harmony between ads and content. Very stylish, up-to-date and fun. 

Breaking News

3rd Place: Ed Green and John Karman, Business First

Zirmed to anchor new tower; TIF district could raise $300 million for UofL; Mail order pharmacy considering Louisville area

2nd Place: Brent Adams, Business First

Ford Receives Approval for State Incentives

1st Place: John Karman, Business First

Todd Blue Plans $50 Million Retail, Office Project

Judges said: Clearly real estate is a priority at Business First. That’s most evident in Karmen’s deep story broken two days before the official annoucnement. Obviously Karman and cohorts work their services. 

Best Video

1st Place: John Wurth, Eric Williams, Josh Merideth, Bridget Williams, Dave Bibelhauser, Carrie King, Jack Mathis and Claire Williams for Sophisticated Living

A Weekend in the Country

Judges said: A fun photo shoot within a photo shoot. Great feel, gorgeous setting and a nice complement to the actual magazine spread. Very cool.

Best Blog

1st Place: Lisa Hornung, Velocity

Judges said: An online journal of all things Hornung–especially food. Homey, not provocative, a nice slice of life.



News Story

Honorable Mention: Sashsheena Stewart, The View (Lindsey Wilson College)

International Students…Living in America 

3rd Place: Corey Paul, College Heights Herald (Western Kentucky University)

Inside the Injury

2nd Place: Greg Dassell, The Horizon (Indiana University Southeast)

Game Room Expansion Continues

1st Place: Katie Brandenburg, College Heights Herald (Western Kentucky University)

Hughes Retures Amid Harassment Claims

Judges said: Writer conveys the immediacy of the story through a keen attention to detail; communicating timeline of events clearly; and evident use of multiple sources of information.

Feature Story

Honorable Mention: Corey Paul, College Heights Herald (Western Kentucky University)

Ransdell, Master of Topper and Spirit

3rd Place: Heather Ryan, College Heights Herald (Western Kentucky University)

The Spirit Makes the Brewmaster

2nd Place: Ben Richardson, The View (Lindsey Wilson College)

Westland Wildlife

1st Place: Sarah Wright, College Heights Herald (Western Kentucky University)

The Power of Voice

Judges said: Engaging lede. Deftly combines scene, information, and facts providing opportunities for readers to plug-in to related events. Strong choices in language and structure.

Sports Story

Honorable Mention: Andrew Robinson, College Heights Herald (Western Kentucky University)

Talk of the Tube

3rd Place: Chris Acree, College Heights Herald (Western Kentucky University)

Fresh Success

2nd Place: Eric McGuffin, The Horizon (Indiana University Southeast)

Fall Basketball Preview

1st Place:     David Harten, College Heights Herald (Western Kentucky University)

Spreading Out

Judges said: Attention-getting lede. Clear explanation of team’s new strategy and its importance.

Best Editorial

Honorable Mention: Kat Wilson, College Heights Herald (Western Kentucky University)

Always Ask Why

3rd Place: John Wright, The View (Lindsey Wilson College)

Kentucky Execution: The Politics of Death

2nd Place: Will Ploch, College Heights Herald (Western Kentucky University)

Keep the Student Regent Seat Warm

1st Place: Caroline Bryan, The Horizon (Indiana University Southeast)

Soldiers Need Our Support

Judges said: A brave-hearted eulogy that is powerfullt relevant. A first class effort that was far better than most pro entries.

News Photo

Honorable Mention: Jake Stevens, College Heights Herald (Western Kentucky University)

3rd Place: Bryan Anslem, College Heights Herald (Western Kentucky University)

Braving the Blaze

2nd Place: Nathan Morgan, College Heights Herald (Western Kentucky University)

Man Critical

1st Place: Kyle O’Donnell, The Horizon (Indiana University Southeast)


Judges said: This story tells a full story within one shot. Great job capturing the actions and reactions.

Feature Photo

3rd Place: Courtney Hergesheimer, College Heights Herald (Western Kentucky University)


2nd Place: Jenny Kane, College Heights Herald (Western Kentucky University)

Appalachian Cultural Project

1st Place:     Daniel Houghton, College Heights Herald (Western Kentucky University)

Free Fallin’

Judges said: Great focus. Nice composition and color.

Sports Photography

3rd Place: Lori Richie, The Horizon (Indiana University Southeast)

Pitch Series-3

2nd Place: Daniel Houghton, College Heights Herald (Western Kentucky University)

Colonel Cutdown

1st Place: Scott McIntyre, College Heights Herald (Western Kentucky University)

One Last Lap

Judges said: Captures multiple parts of the story. Lots of detail that adds to the power of the photo.


Radio Division

Investigative Reporting

2nd Place: Kristin Espeland, WFPL

Stream Buffer Zones

1st Place: Stephanie Sanders, WFPL

Library Tax Proposal

Spot News Reporting

1st Place: WFPL Staff, WFPL

“Supreme Court Strikes Down Student Assignment Plan”

Judges said: Well written and reported. A good story done in a short period of time.

General News

2nd Place: Heidi Caravan, Rick Howlett and Stephanie Sanders, WFPL

Louisville Library Tax

1st Place: Tony McVeigh, WFPL

Kentucky Governor’s Race

Judges said: I liked the personal touch in this story. I felt like I got to know the man and not just the candidate. A good use of natural sound as well.

Feature Reporting

1st Place: Stephanie Sanders, WFPL

“Belle of Louisville Capt. Mark Doty”

Judges said: Wonderful natural sound and good writing.

Business Reporting

1st Place: Julie Kredens, Laura Ellis and Robin Fisher, WFPL

Retail Psychology

Judges said: A well-done story about business that made the business interesting to the lay person.

Health Care Reporting

2nd Place: Tony McVeigh, WFPL

Cancer Survivors

1st Place: Julie Kredens, Laura Ellis and Robin Fisher, WFPL

State of Affairs: Health Equity

Judges said: Great piece!

Minority/Women’s Affairs Reporting

2nd Place: Tony McVeigh, WFPL

“King Paved the Way”

1st Place: Julie Kredens, Laura Ellis and Robin Fisher, WFPL

“Men Preventing Violence Against Women”

Judges said: Excellent work!

Sports Reporting

1st Place: Rick Howlett, WFPL

Denny Crum Court

Judges said: Very Nice!

Public Affairs Program

1st Place: Julie Kredens, Laura Ellis and Robin Fisher, WFPL

Sexualzation of Girls

Judges said: Great topic. Well done program.

Radio Documentary

2nd Place: Stephanie Sanders, WFPL

Library Tax Proposal

1st Place: Elizabeth Kramer, WFPL

“Evangelical Church with Hipster Credentials Grows in Germantown”

Judges said: This documentary gives the listener a real feeling of what it is like to be part of this unusual church. It made me think about the role of a church in the modern world. And I don’t hear a lot of really interesting religion stories, but this was one of them! Liked it a lot.


1st Place: Stan Cook, Susan Sweeney Crum and WFPL Staff, WFPL

December 6, 2007, 7 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. newscasts

Judges said: This was simply a very well done newscast with lots of sound and the sound was used in the right way. The newscasters were very good as well.

Series Reporting

2nd Place: Stephanie Sanders, WFPL

Metro Council

1st Place: Kristen Espeland, WFPL

Air Pollution in Louisville

Judges said: I liked the way the reporter described and explained the air pollution problem, why it happened and how it might be addressed. Good natural sound as well. Series are hard to do well, and this was a good one!