The winners of the 2021 SPJ Metro Journalism Contest (recognizing work produced in 2020)

The 2021 awards dinner at Monnik Beer Co., July 15, 2021
FirstBest Kentucky Derby coverageBroadcastJosh Gaines, Shaquille Lord, Drew  Gardner, Jon  Black, Mark Vanderhoff Pete LongtonWLKYDerby in September 2020
SecondBest Kentucky Derby coverageBroadcastDavid Guildford, Jamilah MuhammadSpectrum News 1Derby Day Protest
ThirdBest Kentucky Derby coverageBroadcastStaff WAVE 3 TVKentucky Derby With No Fans
FirstBusiness/technology reportingBroadcastTravis  Ragsdale, Hobie CraseWDRBCLOSE CALLS Plane-drone encounters on rise near Louisville airports
SecondBusiness/technology reportingBroadcastValerie  Chinn, Doug SmithWDRBDrones on the Mexico border
ThirdBusiness/technology reportingBroadcastDrew Stahlman, Rebekah Dow, Tim  HanniganWLKYUPS Delivers Vaccine 
FirstContinuing coverage/series reportingBroadcastValerie Chinn, Doug  SmithWDRBReporting from the Mexico border in Arizona
SecondContinuing coverage/series reportingBroadcastJess Clark, Eleanor Klibanoff, Jacob RyanWFPLDavid McAtee shooting
FirstCrime/courts/criminal justice reportingBroadcastValerie Chinn, Zach CrabtreeWDRBPandemic speeding investigation 
FirstEnterprise/investigative reportingBroadcastTravis Ragsdale, Jacob RyanWDRB and the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting Judges evade accountability for search warrants
SecondEnterprise/investigative reportingBroadcastAndrea Stahlman, Scott Eckhardt, Rick Van HooseWLKYKIVA Remembers: Loss & Legacy
FirstEnvironmental reportingBroadcastDavid GuildfordSpectrum News 1Christmas Tree Fish Habitat
FirstFeature reportingBroadcastStephon Dingle, Scott EckhardtWLKYThe Ali Stingrays
SecondFeature reportingBroadcastTom LaneWDRBTom Lane on TikTok family, Suprise wedding reception and Nurse dealing with COVID
ThirdFeature reportingBroadcastKhyati PatelSpectrum News 1Feature reporting Composite
FirstGeneral/spot news reportingBroadcastKhyati PatelSpectrum News 1An Unexpected Embrace
SecondGeneral/spot news reportingBroadcastWDRB NewsWDRBThe Moment the Breonna Taylor protests started
FirstGovernment/politics reportingBroadcastValerie Chinn, Doug SmithWDRBHow customs officers find contraband in packages
FirstNewscastBroadcastWDRB NewsWDRBWDRB News at 10
SecondNewscastBroadcastErin Pryor, Cara Catlett, Chris Sutter, Valerie Chinn WDRBWDRB News at 11:30
ThirdNewscastBroadcastWLKY News TeamWLKYWLKY Morning News / WLKY 6pm News
FirstPublic affairs reportingBroadcastValerie Chinn, Doug SmithWDRBParents question if JCPS is doing enough as suspensions rise 
SecondPublic affairs reportingBroadcastAndrea Stahlman, Stephon Dingle, Betty Winston Baye, Scott EckhardtWLKYProject CommUNITY – WLKY
ThirdPublic affairs reportingBroadcastJewel  JacksonWFPLRacial Trauma and #SayHerName
FirstSports reportingBroadcastJohn  LewisWDRBJohn Lewis features Louisville Field Hockey, Boxer training and Blitzball
SecondSports reportingBroadcastTom LaneWDRBTom Lane on Olympics training, Bellarmine tennis and virtual basketball lessons
ThirdSports reportingBroadcastDavid GuildfordSpectrum News 1Lexington Polo Club
FirstTeam coverageBroadcastStaff WAVE 3 TVBreonna Taylor’s Death Sparks Louisville Protests
SecondTeam coverageBroadcastWLKY News Team,    , Andrew  ,    WLKYBreonna Taylor Protests
ThirdTeam coverageBroadcastStaff WFPLLouisville protests
FirstJournalist of the YearJournalist of the YearDarcy Costello, Tessa DuvallThe Courier JournalThe slaying of Breonna Taylor
FirstFeature writingMagazinesCary StemleLEO WeeklyThe revolution will be streamed /  More than 500 protest arrests / Protesters in arms: Guns as plentiful at protests as the reasons people carry them
FirstPersonality/profile writingMagazinesChris KenningLouisville Magazine Changing Courses: How Louisville chef Ed Lee found rebirth amid a collapsing restaurant industry 
FirstBest breaking storyMetro LouisvilleDarcy Costello, Tessa DuvallThe Courier JournalGrand jury indicts 1 of 3 officers in Breonna Taylor shooting. But not for her death
SecondBest breaking storyMetro LouisvilleTessa Duvall, Darcy  CostelloThe Courier Journal911 call from Breonna Taylor shooting: ‘Somebody kicked in the door and shot my girlfriend’
ThirdBest breaking storyMetro LouisvilleDeborah YetterThe Courier JournalState Supreme Court upholds Gov. Andy Beshear’s power to issue emergency COVID-19 orders
FirstBest interactive/multimediaMetro LouisvilleAllison StinesLouisville Business FirstLouisville’s wealthiest zip codes; Louisville loses public companies
FirstBest Kentucky Derby storyMetro LouisvilleEric CrawfordWDRBDerby Week Dawns to Disappointment
FirstBest picture storyMetro LouisvilleMichael ClevengerThe Courier-JournalSay Her Name.  Protests in Louisville
SecondBest picture storyMetro LouisvilleEric  CrawfordWDRBDowntown Louisville: Boarded Up
ThirdBest picture storyMetro LouisvilleChristopher FryerLouisville Business FirstHush Hour
FirstBest podcastMetro LouisvilleChris OttsWDRBUncovered by WDRB News
FirstBest sound mixing/creative use of soundMetro LouisvilleRyan Van Velzer, Amina ElahiWFPLLouisville Metro Council Approves Ban On No-Knock Warrants
FirstBest special sectionMetro LouisvilleJennifer WilliamsThe Courier JournalKentucky Derby 146
FirstBest use of dataMetro LouisvilleSuhail BhatWFPLSuhail Bhat data stories
SecondBest use of dataMetro LouisvilleAllison StinesLouisville Business FirstBack to School; Fast 50; and The New Normal at Work
ThirdBest use of dataMetro LouisvilleChris LarsonLouisville Business FirstLayoffs increase; Churches get CARES Act money; Billion dollar Medicaid contracts
FirstBest video (non-broadcast)Metro LouisvilleEric CrawfordWDRBA spring without a Kentucky Derby
SecondBest video (non-broadcast)Metro LouisvilleJeff FaughenderThe Courier JournalThe Courier Journal staff reflects on 100 days of racial justice protests in Louisville
FirstBusiness/technology reportingMetro LouisvilleMarty FinleyLouisville Business FirstOldham County’s opportunity; Downtown’s tough road forward
SecondBusiness/technology reportingMetro LouisvilleChris OttsWDRBKentucky’s job subsidies + Lessons from Papa John’s exit
ThirdBusiness/technology reportingMetro LouisvilleDavid MannLouisville Business FirstLaunching a liquor brand is a fiery hellscape — You should try it
FirstColumn writingMetro LouisvilleEric CrawfordWDRBProtests, Kentucky Derby racism and COVID
SecondColumn writingMetro LouisvillePat McDonoghThe Courier JournalFrom ventriloquist dummies to a fork in the road, explore these 7 wacky wonders of Kentucky
ThirdColumn writingMetro LouisvilleLennie OmalzaThe Courier JournalInside the homes of Kentucky’s horse country
FirstContinuing coverageMetro LouisvilleJason Riley, Marcus Green, Travis RagsdaleWDRBExclusive reporting and follow-ups on the search warrant in the Breonna Taylor case
SecondContinuing coverageMetro LouisvilleJoe SonkaThe Courier JournalMark Taylor near pardon
ThirdContinuing coverageMetro LouisvilleSarah ShadburneLouisville Business FirstPaycheck Protection Program: Community banks, a problem for OVRDRIVE, and preparing the next round
FirstCrime/courts/criminal justice reportingMetro LouisvilleDarcy Costello, Tessa DuvallThe Courier JournalDid Louisville investigators go too easy on police officers in Breonna Taylor shooting?
SecondCrime/courts/criminal justice reportingMetro LouisvilleJason Riley WDRBBreonna Taylor search warrant, the plea offer to implicate Breonna Taylor and Kentucky jail booking fees
ThirdCrime/courts/criminal justice reportingMetro LouisvilleKala KachmarThe Courier JournalDavid McAtee’s barbecue stand was a safe haven. But one deadly night changed everything
FirstEditorial cartoonsMetro LouisvilleMarc MurphyThe Courier JournalMitch McConnell, Breonna Taylor and health insurance
FirstEditorial writingMetro LouisvilleAaron  YarmuthLEO Weekly A Series On The LMPD By Aaron Yarmuth
SecondEditorial writingMetro LouisvilleScott JenningsThe Courier JournalTrump, election results and debate analysis
FirstEducation reportingMetro LouisvilleMandy McLarenThe Courier JournalMental health evaluations, remote learning and racial disparities across the district’s PTA bank account
SecondEducation reportingMetro LouisvilleOlivia KrauthThe Courier Journal45 years after Louisville’s busing riots, could a proposal cause schools to resegregate? 
ThirdEducation reportingMetro LouisvilleJessica AbleThe Record newspaperBellarmine partners with JCTC to open new student transfer pathway
FirstEnterprise/investigative reportingMetro LouisvilleHayes Gardner, Bailey  LoosemoreThe Courier JournalBEYOND BREONNA: Systemic racism simmered in Louisville for generations. Then Breonna Taylor died
SecondEnterprise/investigative reportingMetro LouisvilleMandy McLarenThe Courier JournalJCPS is pulling hundreds of kids from class for psych evaluations and threatening parents
ThirdEnterprise/investigative reportingMetro LouisvilleDarcy Costello, Tessa DuvallThe Courier JournalBreonna Taylor was briefly alive after police shot her. But no one tried to treat her
FirstEnvironmental reportingMetro LouisvilleJames BruggersInside Climate News via Courier-Journal and WFPLEnvironment and Politics: Environmental justice and a Year of Decisions
SecondEnvironmental reportingMetro LouisvilleChris OttsWDRBLG&E’s solar farm: Bright idea or a ripoff?
FirstFeature photographyMetro LouisvilleChristopher FryerLouisville Business FirstDonald Lassere portrait
FirstFeature writingMetro LouisvilleMaggie MenderskiThe Courier JournalInches from death, La Grange man spends 95 days in the hospital battling COVID-19 
SecondFeature writingMetro LouisvilleChris KenningThe Courier Journal39 miners went in, only 1 came out: 50 years of pain from a Kentucky coal mine disaster
ThirdFeature writingMetro LouisvilleDahlia GhabourThe Courier JournalHaunted bars and a rebirth of the arts industry
FirstGeneral news photographyMetro LouisvilleMichael ClevengerThe Courier-JournalTogether.  Forever.
SecondGeneral news photographyMetro LouisvilleChristopher FryerLouisville Business FirstLynn Family Stadium with green lights
ThirdGeneral news photographyMetro LouisvilleMichael ClevengerThe Courier-JournalFirst Vaccine
FirstGovernment/Politics reportingMetro LouisvilleMorgan WatkinsThe Courier JournalFrom apartheid to affirmative action: Sen. Mitch McConnell’s complicated history on race
SecondGovernment/Politics reportingMetro LouisvilleTravis Ragsdale, Chris  OttsWDRBThe Braidy Industries saga
ThirdGovernment/Politics reportingMetro LouisvilleOlivia KrauthThe Courier JournalBill would dramatically alter how Kentucky identifies and supports low-performing schools
FirstGraphic/illustrationMetro LouisvilleJennifer WilliamsThe Courier JournalSuicide and Secrets: The false cure of conversion therapy and how I accepted myself as gay
SecondGraphic/illustrationMetro LouisvilleBrooke TimmonsLouisville Business FirstDesign of the times
FirstHealth reportingMetro LouisvilleSarah LaddThe Courier Journal‘It’s unbelievable’: 39-year-old veteran and father among Kentucky’s youngest COVID-19 deaths
SecondHealth reportingMetro LouisvilleDeborah YetterThe Courier JournalCOVID-19 in Kentucky
ThirdHealth reportingMetro LouisvillePat McDonoghThe Courier JournalFrom France to Louisville, this epic WWII love story of 71 years was cut short by COVID-19
FirstMinority/women’s affairs reportingMetro LouisvilleMarty FinleyLouisville Business FirstWhy funding is the key to success for West Louisville
SecondMinority/women’s affairs reportingMetro LouisvilleLBF Staff Louisville Business FirstWhat is our way forward
ThirdMinority/women’s affairs reportingMetro LouisvilleBailey LoosemoreThe Courier Journal‘We know how to fight’: Why Black women are leading Louisville’s racial justice movement
FirstPage design – News/businessMetro LouisvilleKyle SlagleThe Courier JournalWomen of the Movement
SecondPage design – News/businessMetro LouisvilleBrooke TimmonsLouisville Business FirstEndeavor’s Impact
ThirdPage design – News/businessMetro LouisvilleBrooke TimmonsLouisville Business FirstWhat is our way forward
FirstPage design – Sports/featuresMetro LouisvilleBrian GrayThe Courier JournalJohn Prine wrote the perfect farewell in ‘WHEN I GET TO HEAVEN’
SecondPage design – Sports/featuresMetro LouisvilleKatelyn RoweThe Courier JournalCANCELED: On Thursday, the sports world as we knew it changed changed as the coronavirus pandemic grew
FirstPersonality/profile writingMetro LouisvilleKirby AdamsThe Courier JournalParalympians, bourbon experts and a 500-mile walk
SecondPersonality/profile writingMetro LouisvilleChris KenningThe Courier Journal‘Hurry, he’s dying’: A chaplain’s journal chronicles a pandemic’s private wounds
ThirdPersonality/profile writingMetro LouisvilleHaley CawthonLouisville Business FirstJesus Martinez, Nikkia Rhodes and Kent Taylor
FirstReview/criticismMetro LouisvilleDana McMahanThe Courier JournalDry January, the Trouble Bar and touring Bourbon Country
FirstSports action photographyMetro LouisvilleMichael ClevengerThe Courier JournalDerby 146
SecondSports action photographyMetro LouisvilleEric CrawfordWDRBLouisville bench celebration at Duke
FirstSports column writingMetro LouisvilleTim SullivanThe Courier JournalCarlos Dixon, Bob Knight and Scott Satterfield
SecondSports column writingMetro LouisvilleEric CrawfordWDRBKentucky gaming, Remembering Paul Hornung and Derby Week doldrums
FirstSports feature photographyMetro LouisvilleMichael  ClevengerThe Courier JournalUnder Water
SecondSports feature photographyMetro LouisvilleChristopher FryerLouisville Business FirstMowing at Lynn Family Stadium
ThirdSports feature photographyMetro LouisvilleEric CrawfordWDRBSunrise at Churchill Downs on Kentucky Derby Day
FirstSports feature writingMetro LouisvilleDominique YatesThe Courier JournalFrom foster care to football star: How this DeSales star shaped himself into a DI recruit
SecondSports feature writingMetro LouisvilleTim SullivanThe Courier JournalThe mystery of Man O’ War’s missed race and U of L legend Wes Unseld
ThirdSports feature writingMetro LouisvilleDavid KimThe Courier JournalRomeo Langford, Zen Michalski and Jeroy Ellis
FirstSports reportingMetro LouisvilleJon HaleThe Courier JournalKentucky cheerleading coaching staff fired, What if Alabama star quarterback Mac Jones had stayed committed to Kentucky football? and Why did it take so long for Adolph Rupp to sign a Black player? 
SecondSports reportingMetro LouisvilleJason FrakesThe Courier JournalAfter ‘brutal’ season amid pandemic, prep football coaches and players ‘can just exhale’
ThirdSports reportingMetro LouisvilleDavid KimThe Courier JournalEsports interest exploding in Kentucky high schools with college scholarships now in play
FirstSpot news photographyMetro LouisvilleMarcus GreenWDRBBreonna Taylor protests
SecondSpot news photographyMetro LouisvilleMichael ClevengerThe Courier-JournalThe Fearless Five
FirstBest news storyRegional/communitySam DrautThe Oldham EraLa Grange man returns home after nearly 100 days in hospital with COVID-19
SecondBest news storyRegional/communityJessica AbleThe Record newspaperSchools transition to remote learning
ThirdBest news storyRegional/communityMarnie McAllisterThe RecordPandemic Help
FirstBest video (non-broadcast)Regional/communitySam DrautThe Oldham Era2020 in Oldham County
FirstContinuing coverageRegional/communityMarnie McAllisterThe RecordFor Peace & Justice
SecondContinuing coverageRegional/communityRuby ThomasThe Record NewspaperFaith helps local couple fight coronavirus
ThirdContinuing coverageRegional/communityJessica AbleThe Record newspaperSchools delay opening as case numbers rise
FirstEditorial writingRegional/communityMarnie McAllisterThe RecordDeath, Covid and racism
FirstFeature writingRegional/communitySam DrautThe Oldham Era‘Respond with love,’ protesters stand in La Grange for more than 40 nights
SecondFeature writingRegional/communityJessica AbleThe Record newspaperHoly Trinity adopts a canine counselor
ThirdFeature writingRegional/communityRuby ThomasThe Record Newspaper
FirstFeature/sport photographyRegional/communityJessica AbleThe Record newspaperCanine counselor
FirstGeneral news photographyRegional/communityMarnie McAllisterThe Record“No Justice, No Peace”
SecondGeneral news photographyRegional/communityJessica AbleThe Record newspaperCatholics pray, walk for racial justice
ThirdGeneral news photographyRegional/communityRuby  ThomasThe Record NewspaperArchdiocese unveils Daniel Rudd memorial marker in Bardstown cemetery
FirstPage designRegional/communitySam DrautThe Oldham EraPage designs
FirstPublic affairs writingRegional/communityRuby ThomasThe Record Newspaper
SecondPublic affairs writingRegional/communityJessica AbleThe Record newspaperCatholic Charities uses grants to offer assistance
FirstRookie of the YearRookie of the YearGrace HaybaWDRBGrace Hayba for Rookie of the Year 
SecondRookie of the YearRookie of the YearSarah ShadburneLouisville Business FirstSarah Shadburne
FirstBest news storyStudentSatchel Walton, Cooper WaltonManual RedEyeKSP Training slideshow quotes Hitler, advocates “ruthless” violence
SecondBest news storyStudentDalila Bevab, Mariah AllisonKnights Media NetworkBellarmine Honors Breonna Taylor
ThirdBest news storyStudentMaggie Vancampen, Eli HughesThe Louisville CardinalU of L community upset over anti-LGBTQ literature
FirstBest picture storyStudentMia LeonOn the Record Breonna’s Louisville
SecondBest picture storyStudentMolly GregoryManual RedEyeBHM: Manual showcases their annual Black History Month celebration, “Anchored Roots”
FirstBest podcastStudentDakota WaldridgeThorobred NewsDave and Abraham
FirstBest short run podcastStudentLyric HillThorobred NewsThe Lights – Front and Center
FirstBest special sectionStudentStaff On the Record Louisville Gone Viral 
FirstBest use of dataStudentPayton CarnsManual RedEyeOPINION: Support your friends a little extra this winter
SecondBest use of dataStudentMaddie Gamertsfelder, Andrew MeinersManual RedEyeIt’s official, Trump vs. Biden
FirstBest video (non-broadcast)StudentMarilyn  Buente, Jacob Hamm, Ella  MetzmeierOn the Record Distant & Distracted
SecondBest video (non-broadcast)StudentKate BentonManual RedEyeVIDEO: Students react to COVID-19, last day before closure
ThirdBest video (non-broadcast)StudentDonald RandKnights Media NetworkStudent Works Out at Home
FirstColumn writingStudentElla  TreinenOn the Record Dear High School Senior 
SecondColumn writingStudentLily WobbeOn the Record It’s Our Turn To Lead. 
ThirdColumn writingStudentKayleigh KnightManual RedEyeOPINION: Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter
FirstContinuing coverageStudentStaff Manual RedEyeBigoted Badges
SecondContinuing coverageStudentStaff  On the Record All Eyes On Us
ThirdContinuing coverageStudentStaff On the Record COVID-19 Coverage
FirstEditorial writingStudentZachary BakerThe Louisville CardinalRAVE Alerts show administrators lack racial sensitivity
SecondEditorial writingStudentKatie  CumminsOn the RecordMusings From A Fellow Crimson
ThirdEditorial writingStudentJessica Carney-PerksManual RedEyeThe romanticization of the ghetto in Louisville
FirstEnterprise/investigative reportingStudentSatchel Walton, Cooper WaltonManual RedEyeKSP training slideshow quotes Hitler, advocates ‘ruthless’ violence
FirstFeature photographyStudentMolly GregoryManual RedEyeCrimsons go crazy at Homecoming pep rally
FirstFeature writingStudentJustin  Price On the Record The Price Isn’t Right
SecondFeature writingStudentWynn McDonaldKnights Media NetworkWynn McDonald Feature Stories
ThirdFeature writingStudentLogan ClarkKnights Media NetworkFaculty Finding Fun Features Stories by Logan Clark
FirstGeneral news photographyStudentMolly GregoryManual RedEyeManual celebrates Black history
FirstGovernment/politics reportingStudentSatchel WaltonManual RedEyeKentucky law enforcement training used video with Nazi symbol
SecondGovernment/politics reportingStudentMolly Gregory, KC Ciresi, Liv BohlerManual RedEyeBlack Lives Matter at Manual
ThirdGovernment/politics reportingStudentKate BentonManual RedEyeFEATURE: Shock factor
FirstGraphic/illustrationStudentJessica  Carney-PerksOn the Record Our Hair At Home
SecondGraphic/illustrationStudentGrant Stromquist, James  Jean-Marie, Marilyn  Buente, Lainey Holland On the Record Louisville Gone Viral –  Cover 
ThirdGraphic/illustrationStudentJames  Jean-Marie On the Record A History Lesson 
FirstPage design – Sports/featuresStudentGrant Stromquist On the Record All Eyes On Us
SecondPage design – Sports/featuresStudentJames Jean-MarieOn the Record Lost in the Maze 
ThirdPage design – Sports/featuresStudentMarilyn BuenteOn the Record Behind the Screens
FirstPublic affairs reportingStudentJustin  PriceOn the Record The Price Isn’t Right
SecondPublic affairs reportingStudentNorah CrothersOn the Record Split City
ThirdPublic affairs reportingStudentMadelin SheltonThe Louisville CardinalUniversity releases Strategic Plan progress report
FirstSports action photographyStudentCesca CampisanoManual RedEyeLast week’s Homecoming festivities
FirstSports feature photographyStudentMolly GregoryManual RedEyeGirls soccer finds a new coach
FirstSports writingStudentDalila BevabKnights Media NetworkWhat will Bellarmine’s D-1 Renovations Look Like?
SecondSports writingStudentAdrienne  SatoManual RedEyeAddison Evers: Aiming for the goal(ball)
ThirdSports writingStudentCole EmeryThe Louisville CardinalNCCA sends U of L a Notice of Allegations
FirstSpot news photographyStudentJoseph GarciaThe Louisville Cardinal“Breonna’s Life Mattered”